image If you still checking the weather on the iOS stock app, (which still pulls weather data from Yahoo!), you should give a try to a brand new app from Yahoo. Today, Yahoo released the Yahoo! Weather App for iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. An app that feature a modern look with stunning local photos from Flickr matching with current weather condition in stylish fonts and other pertinent information. Tap the temperature for a quick view of the forecast or scroll down for precipitation, wind and pressure, a radar map, and more.

Additional can be added and you can get to them by swiping side-to-side. Turn your device in landscape mode to see the photo in full screen with obstruction of weather data. Few subtle animation details such photo gets blurry when more detail weather data is putted to foreground and slight photo movement when you slide the screen horizontally.

Yahoo! Weather for iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch is launching internationally in 30 languages, available for free on the App Store.

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