Remember Summly app that was acquired by Yahoo! few weeks ago?, well today Yahoo! released a new iOS version of Yahoo! app that integrates Summly technology to provide short narrative to latest news. The UI is designed in a continuous scrollable stream with immersive gradient imagery in the background. You have to select Visual “on” to enjoy it. image

The same beautiful design theme is found in the latest Yahoo! Weather app  and the theme possibly will make its way across Yahoo! mobile apps. Users can customize topics of interest by selecting among  all sections or Business, Science, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Science, etc.. selectively. Taping on the summary to read the full article. The app also makes sharing the article easy.

The search is also enhanced with Web, Image and Video. The search results are presented with the same beautiful enticing layout..

I wish the background images get blurry when the white fonts are present similarly to the Weather app and the transition between photos are more seamless perhaps with gradient black color to make the scrolling experience more visually pleasant.

You can download Yahoo app for iPhone and iPod touch  HERE! for free.

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