Disney Story is a free iOS app that lets users share a photo/video collection from their iPhone with friends and family.


The app either lets you select your own photos or it can sort photos from the camera roll by event or moment and helps you transform them into stories that are easy to personalize, save and share. You can put annotation, rearrange, select different theme, etc..

The link of your stories can be shared by email, on Facebook or your Web site.  The story is displayed at the app Web site http://story.us as flipbook format.

With Story, you get:

  • Effortless Storytelling: To get you started, the Story app automatically finds the moments in your camera roll, based on when and where your photos and videos were captured.
  • Creative Freedom: You can simply select a moment to share immediately, or personalize it with your own captions, pages of text, themes and layouts.
  • Quick, Selective Sharing: With just a couple of taps, stories can be shared via email or Facebook. They are visible in any browser to your invited friends and family on Story.us. Stories can also be embedded on your website or blog [seen below].
  • Preservation: All stories you create are saved in the app and backed up by iCloud for future viewing and editing.

To share your stories, you must register or log in.
In order to speed up how quickly your stories are ready to share, the app uploads media as you edit or view your story. Your photos and videos, along with date and location information, are stored temporarily and privately on Disney’s servers. Media is visible to other users only if you decide to share the story by email or Facebook. Any media associated with unshared stories are deleted within seven days.

Download from iTunes App Store HERE!

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