image At Google I/O conference, the search giant introduce great features focusing on photo enhancements available on the company social network site Google+. The great news is the enhancements work their magic automatically cal and subtly without the need of user fiddling. Google knows that visual enhancements are enticing and could lure more users to its social network site.

The upshot of these changes? “To a large number of users, their photos are just going to look better. They’re not really gonna know why,” Google senior vice president Vic Gundotra said.

Google+ offers a feature called Auto Enhance, which analyzed and adjust a number of elements including brightness, contrast, saturation, structure, noise, focus, blemishes, etc. the feature will auto-adjust them in harmony. Auto Enhance is truly useful with photos uploaded from mobile devices.

Another notable feature is labeled Auto Awesome, which allows user to upload bunch of photos in sequence to create an animated GIF, confirming smiles in group photos, stitching panoramas, sorting portraits together into photo booth-style arrangements, and turning sets of bracketed exposures into HDR photos, etc.

Google+ lets you upload a series of photos as we usually do, it will select the best and eliminate photos that are blurry, duplicated, etc..

Google+ on the Web itself also received few visual enhancements. The stream serves in two-column and three-column layouts. The design is is liquid and will change based on your needs and tastes in a very responsive design. Each post can be clicked on to reveal additional and related information. Google+ also conveniently  creates hashtags for you.  The photos are presented in larger format as well. All the above enhancements have been implemented on Google+ and for you to discover.

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