image Microsoft knows that apps are very important for the survival of its mobile platform, even thought the company has tried to lure more developers and the app store now has over 150,000 apps, some popular apps are still sorely missing notably Instagram and Google products.

Instagram is acquired by Facebook and since Microsoft invested in the Social Networking giant, we expect Instagram will release a version for Windows Phone shortly.

But Google publicly refused to build its apps on Microsoft platform citing lack of adoption.  Instead of waiting for Google to make them available, Microsoft is going out on a limb to reverse engineering Google most popular service: the YouTube app. Not only it does what is supposed to do along with live tile and Kid’s corner integration. Microsoft app strips the overlaid ads from Google and make available an obvious download button.


We are wondering how long until Google protests these two features, which clearly violate YouTube terms of service using its API.

[Screenshot & via ReadWrite]

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