A new Web tool that you might find handy for your basic photo editing. ClippingMagic is starting its alpha testing but already shows great potential. The tool basically lets you upload an image, remove its background and download the image without background as a PNG file. You can insert the new image on top of any background image of your choice to create a new project.


Granted, Adobe PhotoShop or PhotoShop Touch would provide a better image cut-out quality with their “Scribble Select” tool. But both tools cost money and a steep learning curb. With ClippingMagic, all you have to do is to draw a fat green line in the area you want to keep and a fat red line in the areas you want to eliminate. There is no refining tool for now, except carefully using the eraser to somewhat perfect the lines.

It is best to have a clearly defined line and background such a photo with taken with green screen for greater success.

[Source Clipping Magic via PetaPixel]

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