a788f7fe9c7611e2b8f122000a1f9345_7 Starting out on a bold new business venture is great but one trouble is realizing that you’re the ultimate one-man/woman-band (or at least it can feel that way) in the business. Until a small business can afford to build a staff of accountants, personal assistants, secretaries, a travel department and other areas which require people, many of these daily and time-consuming tasks must be undertaken by the person who also serves as the president, default CEO and sole employee of that business.

Someday the big break for the business will come. Until then, here is a list of handy apps that no self-respecting (or self-pitying) small business owner should ever leave home (or the home office) without.

For The Travel Department
Keeping track of travel can be incredibly time consuming and potentially disastrous if any balls get dropped.

There is a lot of details to cover and remember like how and what to expense yourself, your partners or clients while traveling on business. Details can simply push the road-weary business travelers over the edge. The worst is that a small business owner will probably be the one shooting his or her own foot when pouring over those expense reports later next month.

The solution? Keep track of travel plans with an App called Tripit. This app not only creates custom itineraries but also helps you on arrival with maps, GPS and travel suggestions.

In addition, you can manage expenses and receipts with the incredibly handy Expensify, and look smart in front of colleagues while scanning your receipts into your smart phone or tablet before even leaving the restaurant. Receipts can be automatically filed away for later reporting. Don’t return home with a pocket full of notes about expenses again. Instead, get this top business travel app create an instant expense report for you while you sit back and actually enjoy your flight.

For The Accounting Department
If you don’t have a full-time accountant on the payroll yet, there is help and hope out there. QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013 has been designed for use with an app feature that allows mobile and seamless management of everything financial. This small business lifesaver continues to evolve with the times as an indispensable addition to small business software.

InDinero is another handy new app which helps businesses with effective management of cash flow and finances. InDinero gets bonus points for ease of use.

Ease up on your Accounts Receivable Department, especially if you the same, with Square. The square is an incredibly useful App that allows anyone with a Smartphone or tablet to accept credit card payments for only a small fraction of the transaction price.

For The Marketing Department
Social media and other forms of online marketing are truly an art, to the point where some companies dedicate an entire department. Smart small business owners are saving time and money by using the App LocalVox, which simultaneously publishes across your online universe ads, announcements, promotions and more. Thrown into the mix is the automatic generation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stats to help boost your page to the top of the search engine listings.

For The Secretary
Keeping track of all your business contacts and constantly updating your databases of contacts is tiresome and tedious tasks- ask any secretary. Instead, make it easy with the App Bump, it allows moving contacts from one tablet or a smart phone to the other merely by “bumping” the two devices together.

Take your mobile device’s secretarial prowess one step further and record voice, notes, meeting minutes and more with the handy App Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium. If you’ve always had the vision of dictating out letters, memos and more while someone else does the typing, this app will be your favorite would-be employee in no time.

Sharon Freeman is an Australian freelance writer and blogger.  She writes about IT products for companies like TradiePad

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