HEARD is a new iOS app that lets you capture sounds from 12 seconds up to 5 minutes in the past. You can launch and set the app running in the background, it will continuously record surrounding audio and save into a rotating buffer. The free version has 12 sec buffer, the in-app paid version ($1.99) offers larger buffer sizes up to 5 minutes. You can go to the app to hit the center button to save the last buffer to a library whenever needed. Every saved sound bite is stored in your personal library…and then the fun really begins! You can:
• Replay previously-recorded audio clips
• Associate each clip with an appropriate photo from the camera roll
• Share via e-mail (using Quicktime)
• Post to Facebook (where permission and privacy settings are up to you)
It’s time to stop wishing you could have recorded it – and save it even after you’ve HEARD it.

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This is the utility, I wish Apple would build in to the phone app. There are time when you just missed a phone number that that was given to you after you hung up. But there are also the instructions / driving directions / jokes / stories / first words / laughter you would have previously missed are now saved and stored on your iPhone with this app. So just don’t forget to turn it on. A red banner on top indicated if the app is in recording mode.

[HEARD iTunes Link Via TechCrunch]

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