This morning Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, announced that it start supporting video in addition to still square photos.

Instagram is a mobile photo sharing service that has a vibrant community with more than 130 million users, 16 billion photos uploaded, 1 billion “Likes” per day. The service is known for the ease of use to post photo with artsy filters, hashtag, geo-tag and other social aspects.


With Instagram 4.0 for Android and iOS, users now can record, upload and share video. The posting function will see a newly added video camera icon, selecting it to take up to 15 second  video, which could be a sum of small clips. Users have to tap and hold to record these clips. Unlike photo, Video can only be taken from the app and not from a pre-recorded video stored on the camera roll.

Once satisfied with the composition, user can select among 13 new filter effects to apply; select the image stabilization feature (cinema); next is to pick the cover image among the video frames to represent the video. From this point, the same steps applied to photos including adding comments, hashtags, location, etc…

Beware, unless you have 4G or WiFi, record a full 15 sec video might take time to upload and playback. Hence it is important to select a good cover image, which is shown as still photo when your video doesn’t load. The playback is automatic with sound but will not repeat.  You can also playback the video on Web interface at

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, sharing your photos, videos on Facebook will be in-line displayed, in contrast to Twitter’s Vine, a similar 6 sec-video sharing service, only shows a link pointing back to Vine Web site.

Instagram for iOS version 4.0 is currently available for download in Apple’s App Store and Instagram for Android version 4.0 is now available on Google Play.

Download video: MP4 format

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