Samsung just announced its latest smartphone offering, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, as the name indicates; the devices consists of a less capable smartphone and a 16MP camera that is equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens, a feature that is lacking on existing smartphones, which rely solely on digital zoom. Furthermore, the camera feature Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) and Xenon flash. The announcement is aiming to fight against new camera-centric smartphone that are coming later this year, notably from Nokia, with its rumored 41MP Pureview smartphones.


This is considered an updated version of the company Galaxy Camera, an Android-powered point-and-shoot. The GS4 Zoom is smaller and with the phone capability, once sold under carrier contract, users could get the device at a more affordable cost. The device will benefit a long list of camera related apps from the company flagship Galaxy S4. The device also offers feature unique such the Zoom Ring, to quickly share photos via MMS.

Beyond looks and specs, Samsung has also embedded new camera functions into the S4 Zoom designed to tie hardware and software together. For example, a feature called Zoom Ring allows the user to activate an in-call photo sharing feature by twisting the zoom ring on the device and then capturing and sending an image to the caller via MMS — all without having to suspend the call. The Zoom Ring can also be used to activate the Quick Launch and Shortcut features to navigate to the camera and through its modes quickly, again by twisting the ring.

Product Specifications:

[Source Samsung Mobile]

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