image Taking photos on smartphones are so easy, so convenient and so fun.. That why most of us are running out of space on our phones..  I recently looked on my iPhone and was shocked by the amount of storage taken by photos and also by the photo streams that are shared with me by friends and family.

I turned out to the latest cloud solution from Amazon for the iOS, Android, desktop and the Kindle. The app essentially lets you upload all your photos from your camera roll, first in batch mode and selective mode later. Once uploaded, you can access to the Cloud to browse, view, share and download as usual, from the app you can also access to your photos on the device, from there you can select additional photos for upload to the 5GB of free storage space. image

When your photos are up in the Cloud, you can easily erase photos on your camera roll to reclaim few giga bytes at least in my case. Your photos will be safe on the Cloud and  you never have to worry about losing precious memories if your phone is lost or damaged. If you’re on the go and need a file stored in Cloud Drive, you can quickly access it from any web browser.

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