Last week, Sony announced the large 6.4” phablet, the Xperia Z Ultra and a new version of its smartwatch. But there was another wearable device that did not get the attention it deserves, the SBH52, a small Bluetooth, NFC supported accessory that might come included with the Z Ultra acting as a phone handset and more..


This small accessory could be a very strategic device that might help Sony to gain back its footprint in portable technology market.

These days, most users carry a smartphone, which acts as a voice communication device and Internet gateway for various functions, in addition to a 7” tablet for readability

Sony, Samsung and HTC make larger and larger smartphones aiming to users who want to combine the smartphone and a small tablet, they’re often called Phablet. For the size, while it is comfortable for reading and tasks that need larger screen real estate such drawing, note taking, etc.. the popularity of larger device is at the expense of the phone usage. Granted you can use a Bluetooth headset when your phablet is in your bag, but this device seems to disappear on the market replaced by the Bluetooth built-in in most new cars. In addition to voice calls, you actually need to do more frequent tasks that a Bluetooth headset is incapable to provide.

The Smartwatch is a great extension to the Phablet for communicate few tasks such, notifications, email, text.. but it falls short when it comes to making voice calls.

The Sony’s SBH52 seems to address what a phablet user needs. The small device that you can clip on your shirt. With NFC it can pair at a single touch to the Phablet and acting as a miniature phone handset. Plug in your favorite headset, it stream HD quality audio. Equipped with a low-resolution screen, the SBH52 displays the time, text messages, caller ID information or the current track. It also has a FM radio receiver to help you save on your data plan bandwidth.


[Source Sony]

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