image Swell is new app, designed for people on the go and would like to listen to quality audio articles of various topics pulled from NPR, American Public Media, ABC News, and from podcasts like the BBC, CBC, Comedy Central, TED Talks, ESPN, and more..

When you first launch, if you connect to Twitter or Facebook, the app will intelligently guess your interests base on your social graph or people you follow. Subsequently, the app will guess what topics you listen the longest or most often to determine your tastes for future proposed selections. Users can also set personal topics of interest in the preference settings or the app

At anytime users can turn it on and listen in lean-back mode; each audio clip covers the whole article will play sequentially and is presented with a card format. On the same audio, there are options to skip, fast forward, sharing, etc.. Listener can flick to the next audio clips or tap on the Swell logo on top to select a particular topic of interest for immediate listening.

Similar to Pandora for music, Swell is great way to discover and listen to curated audio contents for long commute, hiking, etc…listening beside music. But it does not play on demand your radio station nor your subscribed podcast, these features are covered with TuneIn and Stitcher 

Company co-founder and CEO Ramkumar said in a statement:

Swell provides fast, easy access to quality streaming content with zero effort. Our algorithms effortlessly connect listeners to content given their preferences and the wisdom of the community.

Robert Scoble interviews Ram Ramkumar, Co-Founder and CEO of Swell. Swell Radio is available on the iOS App Store at the link below.

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