There is nothing sweeter than freebies, especially when it comes to paid app and games from the official Apple App Store. While there is still no officially words from Apple, the fire sale seems to indicate some sort of celebration that might coincide with the fifth anniversary  of the app store.

The most notable app is Tractor DJ HD, a professional music-making app, usually costs $20, is being offered for free.


Below are the non-exhaustive list courtesy of Techtola


Traktor DJ HD (was $20)
How to Cook Everything (was $10)
Barefoot World Atlas (was $5)
Day One (was $5)
Over (was $2)
Barefoot World Atlas
Map My Ride
Knots 3D


Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery (was $5)
Infinity Blade II (was $7)
Badland (was $4)
Tiny Wings HD (was $3)
Where’s My Water
The Idiot Test 3
Glow Puzzle (iPhone/iPad)
Pig Shot
Real Steel
War of Reproduction
Liquid Sketch

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