image Google is using the Moto X as test bed for Android innovation. The upcoming Moto X will be the first Android smartphone that has the capability to continuously monitor voice command from its owner to spring in to action. Today the search giant unveiled a new quick way to unlock the smartphone with just a tap bypassing the archaic password PIN entry.

The solution consists of a small clip paired with the smartphone using NFC that the user can just tap the phone to unlock. The clip called Moto Skip, which comes in several colors to match with the highly customizable Moto X. It can be worn on clothing, belt, etc… three additional dot stickers are also offered with the purchase of the Clip. These stickers can also unlock the smartphone with a single touch.

The solution could rival a widely speculative rumor that Apple will offers a finger scanning reader on the next iPhone to authentication and later on, a possible smartwatch that can unlock the iPhone by touching the two devices together.

Both solutions would make quicker and safer way to get in to the smartphone without entering a series of characters and special characters. PIN can still be used as password to unlock the phone in case of lost.

The Moto Skip will be available on Motorola’s website when the Moto X goes on sale.

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