The most anticipated announcement of the year,  happened this morning in Cupertino when Apple unveiled its new iPhone lineup. The company introduced the iPhone 5s as premium offering and the colorful iPhone 5c as more affordable smartphone.

image Details information have been leaked for months leading to today event and it turned out, they are right on mark, so there are no surprises nor no “one-more-thing”.

Let’s start with the flagship iPhone 5s, which retains exactly the form factor of last year iPhone 5 with few unnoticeable details. In appearance, the new device comes in either white, space gray or gold color. The home button is getting larger featuring a ring covered with sapphire. The camera flash comes in double LED white and amber.

The inside of the new device, however houses many more technical advancements that push the envelope in the increasingly competitive landscape. The iPhone 5s features a brand new ARM based A7 built on 64 bit architecture that until now only seen on laptop/ desktop computers. Application need to be written in 64 bit mode to take full advantage of the architecture. The CPU is downward compatible with existing 32 bit applications however. Piggy back on the A7 processor is the less power hungry M7 co-processor, which communicates the phone hardware sensors such gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, compass , etc.. to the apps. The new A7 is supposed to deliver twice the CPU and GPU speeds when compared to the previous generation A6 found on the iPhone 5 and the new iPhone 5c.

Next is the camera, considered the most popular on the smartphone. Apple team while keeping the same 8 MP count, they increase the image sensor 15% that leads to larger pixel size, which allows more light captured on each pixel. The new white and amber flash LED should produce more “True Tone” output results. When switching to video mode, a slow motion can be enabled to capture 120 fps video.  The new iOS photo app also provides additional enhancements such burst mode and automatic selection for best shots

Lastly, this could have been the “one more thing” if Apple did not include in its iOS 7 beta, is the biometric finger print scanner 500ppi built-in on the device Home button. Apple calls it Touch ID. User can just place the finger on the button to unlock the phone without using the password. The sensor is capable to recognize the fingerprint in different angles.  The Touch ID can also be used for one-tap iTunes app download or purchase authentication. Apple assures that your fingerprint information is totally encrypted for the authentication process with its server.

The iPhone 5s will keep the same pricing scheme as the iPhone 5, starting $199 for the 16GB model with 2 year contract.

The lower cost iPhone call the iPhone 5c that comes in five bright colors and user can add new special colorful perforated case to mix and match for more “living color”. The phone features a plastic with steel reinforced structure, multiband antenna, Bluetooth 4.0 and 4-inch Retina display; the battery life gains improvement and should last few more hours

The iPhone 5c offers two models 16GB for $99 and $32 for $199 with 2 year contract.

The new iPhones will run on Apple latest iOS 7. Preorders for the 5c begin this Friday and shipped on September 20th. The older iPhones/ iPad will be able to upgrade with the new OS starting September 18th.

To complete the line up, the iPhone 4s becomes free with two-year contract. The iPhone 5 will no longer be available

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