Google Glass has been a “reference” wearable device that is out of touch for most of us. Whether by its price, its form factor..

ION Glasses is a new startup that is launching an Indiegogo adventure, soliciting fund to mass produce an affordable, less ambitious and more socially acceptable smartglasses solution.

ion Glasses can first support prescription lenses, sunglasses or the combination of both as your regular eyewear frame. secondly, they interact with your smartphone or tablet. They offer you several functions, such as notifications, remote control, alerts in case of loss and customization.

All of this is possible because ION Glasses incorporate a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, a battery, a multi-color LED set, a buzzer and two buttons. All these components are inserted discretely into one of the frame temples. But you will be the only one that knows it, because ION Glasses boast a fashionable and appealing design, whether used as optical glasses or as sunglasses.



The goal is to reach $150,000 (it is now at $12,000). But if you invest $79, the company promises to deliver a pair by February 214 whether the goal is reached or not.

Watch the below video to discover more..

[Source Indiegogo]

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