ProClip, the trusty custom mount maker for your mobile device, just teamed up with IOmounts for an elegant solution called IOauto. IOauto combines iOmounts magnetic core with the ProClip vehicle-specific dashboard mount.

Users just need to attach a razor-thin iOadapt steel disc in the back of the phone, tablet or GPS device. From there, you can magnetically mount your device to an iOmounts core attached to your ProClip dashboard mount and you have a universal mount easily installed in your car.



The solution is very sturdy and secured and offer great ease to turn to any angles. Placing or removing the device from the mount is truly effortless. The iOauto is a simple system that is compatible with just about any phone, small tablet or GPS navigation device. You can attach the iOadapt disc to any case, cover, skin or bumper you use with your device

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