The popular fitness & health tracking bracelet FitBit is readying for the holiday season with a new version called FitBit Force. The $129 bracelet gets additional functionalities as well as its size.


Last year, the wearable technology focused on fitness but this year wearable extends to smartwatches, smartglasses, etc; In addition to its forte of fitness tracking, FitBit Force is also delivering limited smartwatch like features starting with time.

Similar to many fitness bracelet, you would expect the FitBit to track your physical activities base on a set of predetermined goals. Data are loaded in to the smartphone or PC app, mainly serves as daily motivator to stay active and healthy.

The water resistant FitBit Force features a wider rubbery bracelet with a small OLED display to provide information such date, time, alarm clock, steps, stairs climbed, distance, sleep patterns, etc..

As aforementioned, the device sync to your smartphone app via Bluetooth or NFC if your Android has the support. The battery on the bracelet last amore than a week.

In the future, FitBit will offer notification for incoming call, text SMS.

[Source FitBit]

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