Today Microsoft released Windows 8.1 OS, the first major enhancement after the initial launch of Redmond software giant. The new version is free to download for existing Windows 8 users. For others, it costs between $120 and $200 to purchase.


For existing Windows 8 users, there are few obvious changes that jump out when you first upgraded. The Start button addition finds it place at bottom left corner, but it is a mere addition of the Windows key to provide the same functions. Don’t expect the menu with programs similar to Windows 7 or earlier.

For those who have lived on the Desktop. Windows 8.1 allows boot directly to Desktop bypassing the Modern UI.

Windows+S will now look for installed apps as well as the Web using the in-house search engine Bing. The results are organized in an emerging fashion.

If you use the modern UI, Apps now can use slit screen in more proportion than before 70:30. The tiles can have more sizes to your liking.

Some standard apps got new look with the update. Facebook app is another major third party app earned a new version that goes along with Windows 8.1.

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