image Samsung Electronics has determined to be the first when it comes to bring innovation to market, after the smartwatch Galaxy Gear, today the Korean giant launched the world’s first smartphone with a curved display, a variant of the Galaxy Note 3.

While the benefits are still unclear on smartphone, curved displays are on the frontlines of handset makers including LG and Apple.

Similar to the Galaxy Gear, the Galaxy Round is Samsung’s attempt to gauge consumer appetite for curved phones although its lack of other eye-catching features means it is unlikely to be a hit.

The Galaxy Round feature a 5.7” display has a slight side by side curve and weighs less than the Galaxy Note 3, the curve seems nevertheless to allow a more comfortable grip  compared to the similar size flat-screen models on the market.

Its key features include a landscape tilt function which allows users to check information such as missed calls and battery life, even when the home screen is off. Users can also scroll through media files by pressing the screen’s right or left, the company said.

Other features include Android 4.3, 2.3GHz CPU and 13 MP camera.

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