Samsung just unveiled its $299 Android powered HomeSync device, a high-capacity (1TB) personal cloud device for your home. It lets you stream content from your GALAXY device such as the Galaxy S4 Note 3, S III, Note II, Note 8.0, Note 10.1 2014 Edition and Galaxy Camera using proprietary “Samsung Link” to the TV, so you can watch, browse and access all your home videos, photos and apps at full-HD 1080p.


As a personal cloud device, you can create and manage several accounts to upload, download, store, play back contents. The device lets user interact via the smartphone that can initially paired using simple touch NFC. Furthermore, you can install apps from the Samsung app store or Google Play. You can watch video contents stored on the HomeSync or stream from Internet.

The smartphone is acting as remote control to navigate, data input the HomeSync or mirror the phone display to the TV.

For $299, the device is expensive but it certainly does many things that other set top boxes can not. As far as your personal cloud, prepare to have a back up solution when you put all your family contents to that box.

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