Square, the company that provides some sleek point-of-sale solutions with your smartphone or tablets, just announced Square Cash, an easy way for debit card users to send money via email to friends, family members. There is no need to open accounts with Square.

To send money, user just send an email the recipient with the specific amount (e.g. $50) in the subject title, carbon copy cc to cash@square.com and a brief description to your recipient.

You will receive an email from Square asking to go to Square Web site to enter your debit card number. The recipient receives two emails, one from you and one from Square with a link to go to the site to enter the debit card to receive money.

The transfer takes 1 or 2 business days. There is no fees, surcharge for the transaction.


Square Cash has also made available mobile apps for Android and iOS. The app allows to compose the email with the amount, etc.. 

[Source Square Cash]

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