image Microsoft is ramping up its marketing campaign for the Xbox One launch. In the below video, Microsoft is showing off all entertainment features for your living room, in addition to game play.

In a 12 minute video demonstration, Yusuf Mehdi, Xbox’s chief marketing and strategy officer, and Marc Whitten, Xbox Live’s vice president, showing off the interaction by facial, voice recognition, wide-screen Skype calling, etc.. to the game console.

Windows Phone and Windows 8.x users will find right at home with the modern UI tile interface. Once recognized by the Xbox One, user will find the personal customization including left pane featuring up to 25 pinned apps, TV shows, games, music, URL, etc.. The center pane features the current actions, etc..

User can use voice commands starting with “Xbox,…” to navigate throughout Xbox interface. Once users’ accounts are tied to an Xbox and it recognizes their faces, the Xbox One will log them in as soon as they appear in the Kinect’s camera. The Kinect can detect who is holding the controller and giving voice commands, and then it gives them options associated with their profile.

Xbox offers live TV to cable subscribers via HDMI in port pass-through. Microsoft adds its “OneGuide” grid on top to facilitate TV experience. Others app includes NetFlix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Videos, etc.. for the service subscribers.


The Xbox One will debut on November 22 in the US and Canada. To get a glimpse of the new console and its interface, please visit a Microsoft store near you, starting today.

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