image Google just launched its native Google Play Music app for iOS. The move followed the on demand music streaming called All Access that has been available on the Web and Android devices for few months.

Users can opt for free version, which lets them access their music library stored on the Google server, the service allows uploading up to 20,000 songs or music purchased through Google Store from the Web or from Android devices. The iOS version does not offer purchase, you’d understand why.

Once uploaded to Google, you can start listening your tunes in Listen Now, My Library or Playlists tabs in the side menu. Songs can be downloaded back to the device for offline listening.

For all devices can have access to Google All Access for $10 monthly, an on demand service similar to the one offered by Spotify. The service enrollment needs to take place on the Web or from an Android device.

Paid subscribers will see Radio and Explore in the menu, the service gives full access to Google music catalog.


All Access features:

  • Listen to unlimited songs
  • Create custom radio stations from any song, artist or album
  • Enjoy radio without skip limits
  • Get smart recommendations based on your tastes
  • Enjoy handcrafted playlists from our music experts

All Access and standard (Free) features:

  • Add up to 20,000 of your own songs from your personal music collection using your Mac, Windows or Linux computer
  • Listen on all your devices and Google web player at
  • Access your music anywhere without syncing, and save your favorites for offline playback
  • Experience all your music without ads

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