The long refresh cycle of game console is about to restart with the launch of Sony PlayStation4 and Microsoft Xbox One for the next two weeks. Both companies are gearing up for the big holiday shopping season.


Unless you are a fan on a particular platform, the choice will be more difficult this time around. Out of the box the PS4 costs $400 while its competitor is priced at $500. Note that Sony PS4 does not include the companion camera, which costs an extra $60. The Xbox One includes the Kinect 2.0, which can detect people and voice for various navigation functions as well as game play. The Kinect acts as IR blaster to remote control your TV cable box. Remember that both platforms are targeting both serious hard core gamers as well as media consumption audience.

Beside the major difference of CPU in this generation. Sony S4 is powered by X86 8-core AMD CPU and AMD Radeom GPU supporting 1152 shaders and Microsoft’s offering features 8-core Microsoft custom CPU and AMD Radeon GPU rated at 768 shaders. Both game consoles offer integrated Blu-ray drive, WiFi and 500GB storage and will be ready to play with a catalogue of approximately about 20 games that are especially designed for both new platforms.

Despite the slightly inferior of the innards hardware specs. Microsoft Xbox navigation by recognition of voice and face by the Kinect and the cable TV integration are very impressive, especially for the casual or non-gamers that could bring an edge to the competitive landscape. But it is still very close to call the winner.

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