Orcam, a start-up based in Israel in a partnership with Freescale, an Austin, Texas based public company that makes semiconductors and processors, has made available a pair of glasses that helps people with impaired vision but not completely blind, to make sense of every day objects and to become more independent.


The technology runs on a high-speed Freescale application processor and employs complex computer vision algorithms, using a small camera device mounted on an ordinary pair of glasses, can recognize objects pointed by the user and replies with voice. The device can read back words on paper, object name, bus number, traffic light colors, etc.. as well as remember most visited places, people, etc..

The device costs $2,500 for the time being, the developers promise a possible price drop in the future depending on the adoption rate. Currently the technology works in English and it can recognize Chinese and French.


[Source OrCam]

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