In a very well calculated move, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO stirred the post Black Friday annual shopping event weekend with a piece of interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, in which the moderator Charlie Rose was taken in to a tour of Amazon 1.2 million-square-foot fulfillment center and the main entertainment was the fictional Amazon Prime Air demo. Note that Amazon Prime is the company subscription service that covers from 2-day free merchandise shipping to free movie, music streaming, etc..


The Amazon Prime Air consists of an army of drone octacopters, each can grab a small package weighted less than 5 lbs to deliver to the customer location within 10 mile perimeter from the warehouse. The whole process is taking less than 30 minutes from ordering to the package home dropping delivery.

While confirmed it is not science fiction, Bezos admitted it is a far-fetched project take will take few more years if at all to become reality. You can also imagine the FAA would need to regulate before such devices swarming our skies. These devices could be owned not only by Amazon, FedEx, UPS, Domino Pizza or possibly by drug dealers, and by terrorists..


Regardless, the stunt is a perfect PR campaign to evoke Amazon’s spirit innovation.. And have all the Internet including us talking about for the last few days.. It is a small cost for such advertisement.

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