image With people looking for alternative ways of giving up smoking, or at least overcoming the many public places where smoking traditional tobacco products, more and more people are turning to electronic devices. The very latest craze are Energy Shisha pens and the latest buzz in these electronic shisha, are Caffeine infused versions. Each device is a veritable coffee shop in a puff, providing not only the relief of replacing the habit of having ciggie but throwing in an espresso shot at the same time to provide that “wide awake” burst of energy that we rely on when he hit our local Starbucks or Costa.

Energy Shisha’s E shisha works by delivering a small amount of liquid propylene glycol, which is non-toxic and produces a vapour much like the smoke of a traditional cigarette, along with the liquid a flavour or ingredient can be included and the latest buzz with this is good old caffeine. A powered element heats the liquid to create the vapour which the user inhales and blows out just like they were puffing on a normal cig. One of the major advantages of this is that you are not getting all the nasty stuff such as tar and other poisons. These are legal in many places where smoking is banned and is now popularly known as vaping. So whether you’re looking for your cup of coffee kick or a replacement to that cigarette, caffeine infused E-Shisha sticks are the answer to replacing that pack of twenty or a trip to you barista.

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