With the proliferation of credit cards, debit cards, discount cards, membership cards,.. our wallet is getting increasingly in size. Coin Electronic card could solve this problem to replace up to 8 magnetic-strip cards with one. Coin Electronic card is no different in size or a normal credit card, with a push of a button, it uses a patent-pending technology that can swap data on its magnetic strip to the card of your choice for payment.

Here how it works: you first scan up to 8 of your real cards using a small Square-like dongle and snap a photo on your smartphone Coin app. The app will sync wirelessly over Low Energy Bluetooth4.0 with your Coin card as you request by pushing the selection button on your Coin Electronic card. At anytime, there only 1 current card loaded to the Coin Electronic card.

Since both your smartphone and your Coin card use Bluetooth LE, if you left the card behind inadvertently; your phone will alert for the out of range situation, a real safety bonus feature for your daily convenience.

Coin Electronic Card will be generally available in Summer 2014 for $50 each. The Web site starts accepting pre-orders

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