image The inexpensive Google Chromecast provides an easy way to stream contents to your living room TV using simply your smartphone, tablet as remote control. Contents available are from YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, Viki, Real, etc.. and users can also cast a tab from desktop/laptop Chrome browser with a free extension.

Recently Google added the ability to not only cast the Chrome browser tab, but also the entire desktop. This feature opens up to more possibilities such:

  • The TV can be used as external monitor
  • Presentation on large screen
  • Video chat sessions with Skype/ Hangouts can be shown on the TV for large group
  • Stream medias from the desktop.. [previously, you could just drag & drop the video file in to Chrome Browser]


Once you downloaded and installed the extension, a “cast” square  will appear on top right corner of your Chrome Browser; click on the dropdown arrow to select either Chrome Tab or the entire desktop. The feature is still in “experimental” status; I find streaming video is not yet as smooth as I would’ve hoped.. But showing a slideshow or PowerPoint works find.

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[Via MUO]

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