image Facebook’s owned photo sharing service Instagram just introduced a version of private messaging. The new feature lets member send a photo or a video to from one to several recipients in addition to all followers as it works until now, unless the user sets his or her account to private.

Instagram itself is a social network, in its own rights with over 200 millions users, adding private message totally made sense.

This is how it works: To send a private photo/ video, user can just follow the same process of taking photo from the camera or from the camera roll. The last step will present with 2 tabs, Followers and Direct; the latter is the new addition, where user can select one or more recipients to send the media.

The recipient’s Instagram icon app will display a red badge indicating the number of unread inbox item as well as a notification. Once  the app is opened and the user clicks on the drawer-like icon located on top right, the user gets to the inbox. Of course, from there the text-only or with photo conversation thread begins. The feature is quite intuitive to use.

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