At the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show, LG is expected to unveiled to public the Chomebase, an all-in-one computer that runs Google Chrome OS.  The Korean giant just introduced to the press the company iMac-like computer featuring a 21.5” 1920 x 1080 IPS screen carrying an Intel CPU, 2GB of memory along with 16GB of Solid State Storage built-in. The package includes keyboard & mouse, speakers, Webcam. Additional local storage can be added via the USB port but the intent of the OS is for you to use cloud based storage.


This marks the first time that a Chrome OS computer is available for the form factor that is different than a laptop. Chrome OS laptop are sold very inexpensively with the exception of the Google Pixel. We are hoping that the Chromebase follows the trend.

The Chromebase is a complete computer, but the screen can act as a monitor of another computer via its HDMI input; the package seems to work well in kiosk mode, hotel or showroom. Unlike the full OS PC such Windows or Mac, the Chrome OS is very minimalistic and does not offer chance for hacking, virus injection.. All updates will be done automatically over-the-air, the maintenance requirements should be at the minimum.

The entire OS looks like a browser, however recently, Google has made lots of improvements on its Web apps as well as an app launcher that mimics the start button of Windows.

[Source LG]

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