Selfie is fun and it is even better when you put it in use to secure your data stored on your smartphone. A new app for iOS called FaceCrypt that can be used on your iPhone or iPad to let you access to confidential data only when it recognizes your photo portrait instead of password.

And in case you think people can use your mud shot to trick the system, there are optional features that ask user to blink to prove you are a real person and it is you before unlocking your phone using biometric facial recognition algorithm.

A new app called FaceCrypt can secure data on your iPhone and iPad using a picture of your face instead of the usual complex alphanumeric password.


There are also optional security features that require users to blink to prove that they are human or to prevent an unauthorized user from holding a photo of the owner up to the phone’s camera to break into the device.

There are two paid versions at $5 and $7, the former feature an icon generator for easy identification of the vaults.

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