imageAt dozens of grocery stores in three major US cities will roll out application that uses Apple’s iBeacon technology. Customers using iPhone and a specific app will receive product information or relevant coupon as they  get close to a particular products that have an iBeacon emitting device located nearby. The technology uses Low Energy Bluetooth that is available on new Apple iOS products.

The rollout is orchestrated by InMarket, an advertisement company. Grocery stores Giant Eagle and Safeway stores in Cleveland, Ohio, Seattle, Wash., and San Francisco, Calif are the first ones to be implemented. In order to receive InMarket promotion, customer needs to install the advertiser’s loyalty app for iPhone, called Checkpoints

If the implementation is deemed successful, InMarket will proceed with the same technology at more than 100 Safeway and Giant Eagle locations and thousands of locations in the top 20 markets.

So far iBeacons are used in Apple Stores, Macy’s Retail Stores. The technology promises additional benefits including no friction shopping payment to squarely target Android’s NFC.

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