image The pioneer in smartwatch just unveiled a more sophisticated version of the wearable device, called Pebble Steel with stainless steel body, metallic  or leather wristband and Gorilla Glass.

The body comes either in Black Matte and Brushed Stainless Steel. It is available for pre-order HERE at $249. The watches will start shipping January 28.

Pebble Watch is used in conjunction with a smartphone [iPhone or Android]. In addition of providing time in various virtual faceplates, it relays all incoming notifications to your wrist so you don’t have to pull your smartphone out of your pocket as frequent to check them. There are also few apps, games available from the soon-open Pebble App store, apps include ESPN, which will stream live sports scores, reviews from Yelp and a Mercedes app that lets users check the tire pressure, fuel levels and location of their vehicle, etc..  Since the screen is in e-ink monochrome, the battery life last for few days.

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