Vine, the 6 sec video sharing service owned by Twitter has followed the foot step of Instagram to be mobile first and Web afterward to position for monetization. Granted Instagram itself followed Vine to add up to 15 sec video sharing service.


After gaining its tremendous popularity, Vine has added its service to the Web for viewing only. Visit if you already have an account. The Web interface lets users scroll the news feed; view their own video in profile, add comments, add likes; re-Vine, etc.. There is also an embed mode should you need to add the video clip on your own blog.  Just like the mobile version, audio is not enabled until you click on the speaker icon.

The service also adds TV mode, which allows to play continuously videos of news feed or our own in 1/2 full screen.


While mobile users can use the smartphone camera to capture video or upload from existing clip; the Web version is lacking this content creation feature, similar to Instagram as they are preparing for third party advertisement showing.

Video length on Vine is restricted to 6 seconds as opposed to 15 seconds on Instagram. However the video is looping continuously while Instagram video only automatically plays once. 

The developer promises additional feature are coming in 2014.

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