image An inexpensive solution that might kill the Bluetooth speakers as well as the new Beep start-up. A small device adapter [$10] when combined with the inexpensive Google Chromecast [$35] can basically let user stream audio from the Web to any speakers using the iOS, Android device as remote control. Contents can also be streamed using desktop Chrome browser. Audio services such Pandora, Google Play Music, Songza support streaming with Chromecast and more to come, since Google just made available to any mobile app to include the support.

Chromecast is a small HDMI stick, designed to plug in to your living room TV, but instead of the TV, you can plug in to this small converter initially designed to convert HDMI to VGA, luckily, it also has a 35mm audio out that can output the audio to any speakers or receiver.

The solution was discovered by GigaOm with this YouTube video

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