If you are one of the lucky owners of the Pebble Smartwatch, you will no longer have to go to third party Web sites to hunt for apps, the company just launched its app store with an initial whopping 1,000 apps located at one place for your to chose from. Apps are ranging from tools and utilities, fitness, games to watch faces. The app store also curates to conveniently surface the best app and watch faces daily.


The Pebble App Store is built into the Pebble app on your iOS or Android device, and lets you find, browse and download Pebble apps and watch faces directly from your smartphone. The app offers an “App Locker” service aiming to store your not-in-use apps, since the watch only supports up to 8 apps loaded at the time; having the locker will speed up your app management. The App store app only available for iOS, the Android version is supposed to arrive very soon.

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