Today Samsung announced the successors of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch that the company released just few months ago. The smartwatches are used as an extension to a range of Samsung smartphones to display notifications; music playback control; photo taking; TV remote; running specific stand-alone apps and lastly providing fitness monitoring capabilities.


The new devices come in two models Gear 2 (far right on the above photo) and Gear 2 Neo (first 3 on the left of the photo), the latter essentially does not have a camera helping weight reduction.

Both watches will run on the open source OS called Tizen that Samsung develops with Intel. The previous Smartwatch runs on Android OS. Initial apps running on Tizen platform include CNN, Expedia, eBay, Evernote, Feedly, Garmin, Line, Paypal, Runtastic, and the Weather Channel. The devices drop the company moniker Galaxy, which perhaps indicates non-Android tied devices. The battery life is in the range of 2 or 3 days, a nice increase over the initial Galaxy Gear.

imageBoth Gear 2 feature a 1.63” super AMOLED display. The first images only show white fonts on black background, however we believe it support color. Tizen OS rides on a 1GHz dual-core CPU; 512MB of RAM; 4GB onboard storage that can store MP3 providing playback to Bluetooth headphones without the need of companion smartphone. The Gear 2 has a front facing 2MP camera visibly located on top on the display. An IR blaster is onboard and will work with Samsung’s WatchON remote app to control your home media gears. Unlike the previous watch, all hardware features are placed on the watch itself, this allows the users to interchange more easily the wristband to their likings.

This time around, Samsung includes an accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor and gyroscope in the Gear 2. The features provide fitness data such heart rate and step counts to Samsung fitness tracking apps.

The Gear 2 are available be available in black, orange, gray and brown. Both watches will be available in April 2014. No pricings have yet made available.

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