Smoking has often been considered by smokers as a method to letting off steam, now with Vapourlites, that becomes a reality.

image The Vapourlites electronic cigarettes provide the same smoking experience but without the social, financial and health implications of traditional tobacco counterparts, check out benefits of electronic cigarettes out right now!

The Vapourlites e-cig triggers a reaction, producing a non-toxic water vapour which imitates the sensation and appearance of smoke. To reinforce the faux cigarette, an LED light reflects the normal burn at the end of the e-cig, whilst the vapour provides nicotine to stem normal withdrawal symptoms.

What’s more, the technology of Vapourlites provides the user experience and nicotine equivalent of 40 tobacco smokes in just one stick! This equates to a massive 80% reduction in the cost of your smoking routine.

Of course, another huge benefit of Vapourlite e-cigarettes mean that you can ‘smoke’ them in public places, avoiding the cold, wet and isolation of designated smoking areas.

With a range of product options available, from the world’s smallest e cig, The VL Micro, through to mix and match starter kits like the VLV Starter Kick with the range coming with different flaour such as Tobacco, Menthol to name a few.

At the, you can to learn more about our fantastic alternatives to smoking, and start your cessation today.

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