image Taking self portrait on the smartphone and sharing to social network has become a phenomenon. Selfie photos in general  are taken at the arm-length by the by the same person, therefore it is limited to mostly portrait format. Two innovative apps can take selfie’s beyond the limitations and open up to new creativity are CamMe and Groopic.

CamMe is a free and paid app on iOS that uses hand gesture to remotely trigger the camera shutter; you don’t have to hold the iPhone in one hand to take photo. The iPhone can be placed at distance from 2 to 16 feet (0.5 to 5 meters) to allow full body framing and make your hand into a fist, the app starts counting down before taking a picture.

The free version lets user taking photo and samples of PhotoBooth and FunShot; the paid version [$.99]  opens up more templates

image Groopic, available on iOS and Android, is a free and paid app that also solves the arm-length distance photo taking and adding the group photo taking without the need of another shooter.

The app let you take 2 shots with different shooter and merge them in to one.

There is a little planning to take the photo, but the end result is very nicely done with all the parties of your group.

The free version lets users share low-res photos on social networks or cloud storage. The paid version [$0.99] lets users save photos to the device camera roll in hi-res .

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