Moto 360 is one of the new smartwatches based on Google’s latest platform Android Wear. The device is also the first smartwatch that attempts to mimic the traditional timepiece with a round face, a feature that could give the device a break into the mainstream.

So far, smartwatches are often considered bulky, squarish, short battery life, the Moto 360 seems to address all the problems to bring to a jewelry-like wearable device with leather and stainless steel interchangeable bands and yet can perform all the functions of the smartwatch, including face changing and touch interaction and inductive charging. The later feature would help the watch to be waterproof or water resistant splash.

Google Wear platform was announced yesterday. The platform allows device makers and app developers to develop hardware and software that fit on various screen sizes and form factors. The platform is said to be adaptable to other wearable devices including clothing and health focused accessories.

Users of devices based on Google Gear will be able to interact with the system via voice-activated commands and the device can either provide stand-alone services or work in conjunction with an Android-based smartphone to enable online Google services.

Check out the below video explaining the Moto 360 in the making.

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