After some legal naming disputes about the use of SkyDrive, Microsoft has officially renamed its public cloud service to OneDrive. Existing users will see the app name changed automatically, new users can sign up for the free service at or register with the whole Microsoft personal free cloud suite of Outlook for email, calendar, contact and OneDrive.

imageMicrosoft’s OneDrive gives initially 7GB of free cloud storage to all users signed-up for the service. The free cloud storage can be used to store, to share, or to co-author as “one place for your photos, videos, documents, and files across all your devices”. In addition, with the mobile app on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, users can earn 3GB for using the automatic camera roll back-up feature, along with 500MB of extra space for each friend referral… If that is still not enough, there are monthly paid plans for 50GB, 100GB, and 200GB.

Today, Microsoft also has a promotional offer of free 100GB for one year to 100,000 people. You just need to follow OneDrive on Twitter for further details.

[Source Microsoft]

image SkyDrive, Microsoft cloud solution will get a name change to OneDrive, after the company lost its trademark dispute with BSkyB last July.

If you are not familiar with SkyDrive, you can first enroll to to get the free email from Microsoft. Hotmail users are automatically enrolled. Once you are registered, you can access contact, calendar and SkyDive by clicking the dropdown menu on top left or go to

The service allows uploading your file including documents, music, video, etc.. with cross device access as well as sharing capability. Smartphone users can enable auto-upload to backup photos from the device to the cloud service. The service also allows users to create online Office documents including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note, etc..

There is no  details about the new service beside the new name, which will take place in the coming weeks. Existing SkyDrive accounts will be switched to OneDrive seamlessly. Visit

Expect to be able to experience the new OneDrive soon, and if you want to be one of the first to hear about it, let us know at

[Source Microsoft OneDrive Blog]

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Microsoft personal cloud storage SkyDrive just got updated to version 4.0 for iOS. The latest installment adds the auto backup photos from device camera roll to the Cloud in native resolution, a popular feature that has been promoted by competing solutions from Google+, Facebook, Amazon Cloud Drive and Dropbox.

As your photos grow and occupy lots of storage on your iDevices, using these services allows you to free up your precious internal non expandable storage for other purposes. These Cloud storage can be accessible anytime should you need to view, share or download your photos.

In addition to a newer fresh look that matches with iOS 7, SkyDrive brings in better integration with Office Mobile for iPhone and OneNote, including the ability to edit Office documents, etc..

Data store on SkyDrive can be accessible via a wide array of devices including the Xbox One gaming console. Users can also easily share data with friends or colleagues.


You can signup HERE to grab few GB for your new SkyDrive account. You can also sign up via

SkyDrive iTunes Link

Microsoft just enhanced its personal cloud service, Skydrive. The enhancements focus on the photo section with the addition of photo timeline and the  2x acceleration of photo uploading to the service.

You can first enroll to to get the free email from Microsoft. Hotmail users are automatically enrolled. Once you are registered, you can access contact, calendar and SkyDive by clicking the dropdown menu on top left.


Within SkyDrive, you can create folder, upload files, photos just by drag & drop from your computer or using a client app on your PC or Windows Phone to sync between local and remote files.

The most popular use is the photo section that you can also create folders and upload your photos to browse or to share. Microsoft is now making it easier for you to see all of your photos in SkyDrive across all your albums and folders based on a timeline view as below shown.


In the timeline view you can scroll down to navigate through all the images. They’re organized into groups by event and time. Take 20 pictures at a birthday party with your phone, and then a photo of your parking spot at the airport a few hours later? Now they’ll appear as two different groups in the timeline.If you want to quickly navigate to a specific month, just click the month name.


While watching in slide show, there is a filmstrip at the bottom that allows you to better navigate and jump to each photo quicker.

The last enhancement is the new layout for thumbnail including PowerPoint and Word docs.


[Source Microsoft]

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SkyDrive XboxMicrosoft is giving more reasons to buy an Xbox to non-gamers. Today the software giant brought its cloud storage service SkyDrive to the gaming platform, the app will allows users to display photos, play medias from their account to the living room TV. Users can also share contents.

SkyDrive is a free cloud storage that everyone can sign up and get up to 7 GB for free. Additional capacity available for purchase starting at $10 per year for an extra 20 GB to $50 per year for an additional 100 GB. Lucky users, who had SkyDrive before can carry over their 25GB free allowance.

With this addition, SkyDrive offers service on the Web and client app on Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, Windows Phone and Android. Note that there have been contention between Microsoft and Apple related to the in-app purchase and 30% revenue sharing. If both companies can not come up with a mutual agreement, we might see the SkyDrive app pulled out of the iTunes app catalogue.

Along with SkyDrive, Microsoft is also rolling out a number of apps from now to 1Q 2013. The company further strengthens its dominant position in the consumer living room.


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As promised Microsoft today released the client app for Android platform. This is an addition to iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac version of the company public Cloud offering. Now your SkyDrive files are accessible and shareable from all your devices.

The new SkyDrive app for Android has the same intuitive design of all SkyDrive experiences while Microsoft is also making use of Android design patterns and conventional interactions, so this feels natural for people with Android phones.

SkyDrive is available for Android phones with access to Google Play. The new app is designed to work best with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)—though it’s also fully functional on Android 2.3 and above, according to Microsoft.

SkyDrive can be accessed at its own URL or best within, the new Web based email.

image   image

Main features of SkyDrive for Android:

  • Access your SkyDrive—documents, photos, and other files, plus the files other people have shared with you.
  • View recently used documents.
  • Choose multiple photos or videos to upload from your phone.
  • Share your files and photos—send a link in email or in another app.
  • Open your SkyDrive files from other Android apps.
  • Easily manage your files—delete or create new folders.
  • Your MP3 locker (Streaming for playback)

Get the SkyDrive app HERE!

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As part of the UI overhaul starting with; Microsoft just rolled out, the company’s public Cloud offering. SkyDrive offers up to 7 GB of free online storage to anyone. Additional capacity available for purchase starting at $10 per year for an extra 20 GB to $50 per year for an additional 100 GB. Lucky users, who had SkyDrive before can carry over their 25GB free allowance.

Similar to, the most notable enhancement on SkyDrive is primarily on the new clean and intuitive UI that is ready for Windows 8 with large tiles with animated contents. Other enhancements include faster upload, sync, drag and drop, group sharing, embedding, etc..

Along with the Web service, SkyDrive also offers client version for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, Windows Phone and in few weeks a version for Android will be rolling out as well. The client versions allow synchronization of your contents between your devices and SkyDrive Cloud service. Note that you can drag and drop files from your computer to the Web page.

"We’ve updated nearly 100% of the SkyDrive UI to provide a fast and fluid Web experience on all browsers and devices," said SkyDrive group program managers Omar Shahine and Mike Torres, in a blog postTuesday.


Above is Skydrive Web interface


SkyDrive client app for mobile devices.

You can upload photos and documents and create folders, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The service lets you upload music files, however, unlike the Client versions, the Web interface does not let you playback. Click on uploaded music file will invoke the download back to your computer.

See a quick demo of SkyDrive

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image In the anticipation of a cloud base storage offering from Google, today Microsoft issues fresh enhancements to its SkyDrive.

The free service allows Windows, Mac OS X Lion to sync files from the desktop to SkyDrive using a SkyDrive “local” folder. Windows users can even use the free SkyDrive app to drag and drop file for sync’ing with the cloud and the entire files reside on the desktop now can be accessed  via

The SkypeDrive for iOS now inludes a special version for the iPad with full file management and photos, video uploading.

  • SkyDrive for the Windows desktop (preview available now). View and manage your personal SkyDrive directly from Windows Explorer on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista with this new preview app available in 106 languages worldwide.
  • Fetching files through Easily access, browse, and stream files from a remote PC running the preview app to just about anywhere by simply fetching them via
  • SkyDrive storage updates. A new, more flexible approach to personal cloud storage that allows power users to get additional paid storage as their needs grow.  
  • SkyDrive for other devices. We’ve updated the SkyDrive apps on Windows Phone and iOS devices, bringing better management features and sharing options to those devices. We’re also releasing a new preview client for Mac OS X Lion, letting you manage your SkyDrive right from the Finder.


The amount of free storage has gone down from the enticing 25GB to a reasonable 7GB for new users.

Download and register LiveID at

[Source MSDN]

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Today, Microsoft launches its newSkyDrive website, a  cloud version for consumers.  The new version takes advantage of modern browsers and HTML5 and CSS3 to improve speed, easy of navigation and beautiful dynamic fluid photo rendering . The site displays the familiar Windows File structure for intuitiveness.


The new site has full hardware acceleration to take advantage newer computer—on the new site navigating photo albums down from "6-9 seconds" to "100-300 milliseconds". In IE9, and Windows 7, SkyDrive has the ability to be pinned to the taskbar for quick access, too.


Users can use SkyDrive  to get access to their content from anywhere including on the mobile device starting with Windows Phone. Users can collaborate on Office docs, and share photos.

For the relaunch, Microsoft has increased the single file size limit to 100MB, each user can have up to 25GB capacity on SkyDrive.

It is good to know that Windows Live Mesh, which is Microsoft’s desktop synchronization software can be used to .seamlessly put your files on SkyDrive.

Read the Windows Live Blog for more details

Check out here:

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image The popular Microsoft Office Suite Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote..) has its sibling Web Apps on SkyDrive. The suite went online and  are now available to everyone in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland.

We’ll have more to share next week when Office 2010 is released to consumers, including how

if you live in the US, UK, Canada, or Ireland, you can head over to today to start viewing and editing Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote documents right in your web browser – and share them with your friends.

You don’t have to own a copy of Office 2010 to enjoy the services, but Microsoft suggests: “Office 2010 + SkyDrive + Office Web Apps give you the best productivity experience across the PC, phone, and browser.”

You can create, upload, edit and share your new or existing docs right from your browser and the developer team did an  excellent job to make you the look and feel as close as the offline  experience as possible.

Picture of the Office page on SkyDrive

In addition, you can work with your co-workers, classmates in real time collaboration on any document and never be locked out of a document when someone else is working on it.

The Web apps work on your smartphone too. Browse to  on your phone and you’ll be able to view Word and PowerPoint documents without any extra software (on most smartphones).

[Via Windows Team Blog]

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Today SkyDrive starts offering 25GB of free storage.  You can sign up here:

Here are a few things you’ll find on your shiny new SkyDrive:

  • 25 GB of free online storage
  • Available in 6 more regions and 13 more languages
  • Download entire folders as Zip files (limited release)
  • Gorgeous online slide show for your photos
  • And much, much more!


You can use the free utility Gladinet to mount this free cloud storage from Windows File explorer. You can use this storage to store your pictures (with embed code).

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imageMicrosoft SkyDrive is a free storage hosting service from Microsoft as part of the Live suite.

Very soon, user can have a 25GB of free storage. Microsoft is preparing the photo upload service with its  Live Photo Gallery desktop software.

Using Skydrive, user can share files and photos with non-Live ID users. Of course, in addition to store photos, users can sync IE bookmarks, files, etc…

The  SkyDrive team blog also promises, when the new SkiDrive comes out, it will feature fresher looks to match with the new Live theme. [Source SkyDrive Via on10]

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Windows Live SkyDrive launched earlier this year with an initial 500MB per user then went up to to 1GB. Today WLS came out of Beta mode. As a bonus, user can have 5 times the previous capacity along with few enhancements such RSS feed for public folder; you can add Windows Live friends to your SkyDrive contacts list without sending them an e-mail or instant messaging them through Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger.

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What formerly known as FolderShare and Windows Live Folder. Windows Live SkyDrive has gone through 2nd Beta with more Web 2.0 look. This free service basically provide for free 500MB of password-protected storage space for personal use, share with friends or family.

Windows Live SkyDrive comes with a significant update to the service, extending the basic functionality of the initial beta.

New features include:

  • Drag and drop file upload, making it easy to upload multiple files. Previously you were limited to manually selecting 5 files at a time, which made uploading a time consuming process.

  • Navigational controls to move quickly between files

  • A “recently viewed” section showing other users’ SkyDrive folders you have browsed

  • Thumbnails view, already announced by the SkyDrive team a few weeks ago.

  • The new Windows Live Wave 2 UI
  • The ability to embed files in a blog post or web page, allowing users to download them from your SkyDrive.

The update is now out, check it out at 

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Today, Microsoft renamed its Office Web Apps to Office Online, which will make the free versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote more accessible to users. Previously the Office Web Apps were buried under SkyDrive service.

At the site, users need to get started with a Microsoft Account (available with any email address) or they can also signup to Outlook Mail to enjoy the full free web suite of Calendar, Contact and the personal Cloud based storage OneDrive formerly known as SkyDrive. Office Documents will be stored in OneDrive service.


All the Office Online Apps such Word, Excel, PowerPoint have the same look and feel as the standalone versions. There are tons of templates that are available to create new document. Sharing and Real-Time Co-Authoring options are available.

[Source Microsoft]

Today, in an event, Microsoft unveiled the second generation of its tablets running the company operating system Windows 8.1.The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, the successors of Surface RT and Surface Pro. In addition, the software giant offers an expanded portfolio of new Surface accessories.


While Microsoft keeps the form factor virtually unchanged, the innards of both tablets from significant updates, including improvements to processing power and battery life, to display and camera resolution, and to the Kickstand, now with dual angles. The new devices benefit enhancements in Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro to make them even more powerful and customizable.

Surface 2

The ARM based tablet is using Windows RT 8.1 and apps written specifically to this platform, gets the new NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, which helps to prolong the battery life to 10 hours. The 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD display now renders 1080p video. Camera resolution has also increased, with a 3.5-megapixel front camera and 5-megapixel rear camera, both capable of capturing 1080p video and featuring improved low-light performance. USB 3.0 port is available. Surface 2 is pre-loaded with Office Home & Student 2013 RT and Outlook 2013 RT. Surface 2 is available in 32GB and 64GB configurations[1]; it will start at $449 

Surface Pro 2

Thanks to the fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor , the Surface Pro 2 delivers increased performance and up to 75 percent longer battery life than Surface Pro. Starting at $899, Surface Pro 2 will be offered in 64GB and 128GB configurations with 4 GB of RAM and 256GB and 512GB configurations with 8 GB of RAM.


Today’s announcement also includes seven new accessories that will make Surface even more flexible, more portable and more productive:

  • Touch Cover 2. Thinner and lighter than the original Touch Cover, measuring only 2.75 mm thin, Touch Cover 2 features backlit keys for even better readability. Touch Cover 2 is more rigid, registers keystrokes with greater accuracy and features updated sensors that support a variety of gestures across the entire keyboard. Touch Cover 2 has an estimated retail price of $119.99. It will be available for pre-order on Sept. 24 in all markets where Surface devices are available for pre-order.
  • Type Cover 2. Type Cover 2 features the same super-thin, lightweight design of the original Type Cover, but it’s now backlit and will be available in Cyan, Magenta, Purple and Black in the coming months. It’s also more rigid, providing a better lap-typing experience, and is designed to be noticeably quieter when striking keys. Type Cover 2 will have an estimated retail price of $129.99. It will be available for pre-order on Sept. 24 in all markets where Surface devices are available for pre-order.
  • Power Cover. Power Cover delivers the same great typing experience you get with Type Cover while extending the battery life of your Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 by up to 50 percent to help you make it through that late-night meeting or the entire flight. Power Cover will have an estimated retail price of $199.99 and has a projected release date of early 2014.
  • Docking Station for Surface Pro. The Docking Station for Surface Pro lets you quickly connect Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 to desktop PC peripherals in a single step, taking you from laptop to desktop in an instant. While Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 is docked, it can connect with an external monitor, Ethernet, speakers and power supply. PC peripherals connect via its one USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports. The Docking Station for Surface Pro will have an estimated retail price of $199.99 and has a projected release date of early 2014.
  • Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers. The Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers connects magnetically to any Touch or Type Cover, letting you type from anywhere in the room using Bluetooth technology, so it is even easier to connect Surface to a TV or monitor[4] and type from another location, such as the couch. Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers will have an estimated retail price of $59.99. It will be available for pre-order in the U.S. and Canada beginning Sept. 24.
  • Car Charger with USB. Car Charger plugs into most cars’ power or lighter ports and charges Surface without the need for an additional adapter. It also features a USB port to allow simultaneous charging of a phone or other device. Car Charger will have an estimated retail price of $49.99 and has a projected release date of early 2014.
  • Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition. This special-edition Arc Touch Mouse has been updated to match the look of Surface. Like other Arc Touch mice, it is designed for comfort and flattens for portability. It connects via Bluetooth 3.0, freeing Surface’s USB port for use by other devices. Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition will have an estimated retail price of $69.99 and will be available for pre-order in the U.S. and Canada on Sept. 24. Distribution in additional markets is projected to begin in the coming months.

To push the sale, Microsoft offers to customers purchasing either device will receive free Skype calling to landlines in more than 60 countries for one year, unlimited Skype WiFi on their Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 at more than 2 million hot spots worldwide for one year, and 200 GB of free SkyDrive storage for two years.

[Source Microsoft]

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After seven months from its first launch of the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft is unveiling a new release of its operating system Windows 8.1, which includes hundreds of updates to the product and to apps.

As the company took a bold move to accommodate both touch and legacy input as well as new modern UI apps and legacy apps running in two very distinct environment full screen mode and desktop mode, the reception of the new operating system has been considered lukewarm for both consumers and businesses alike

With the new release, Microsoft is aiming to deliver improvements and enhancements in key areas like personalization, search, the built-in apps, Windows Store experience, and cloud connectivity. Windows 8.1 will also include big bets for business in areas such as management and security.

Below are the outline some of the improvements, enhancements and changes users will see:


In Windows 8.1, you can turn your PC or tablet into a picture frame by making your Lock screen a slide show of your pictures – either locally on the device or photos from the cloud in SkyDrive.  Users with devices equipped built-in camera can take pictures with the right from the Lock screen without having to log in. More desktop background options available including images with motion.

image  image

Many users have complained about the missing desktop mode as default, Windows 8.1 let you choose your desktop background as your Start screen background. And the Start screen in Windows 8.1 features a variety of tile customization.

Instead of using the Windows key on your keyboard, a new “Start Tip” sign is available and is located on the bottom left of the toolbar. Clicking on the Start Tip will take to the Start screen,

All apps can be displayed  just by swiping from the bottom to view all apps, with the ability to filter your apps by name, date installed, most used, or by category.

New installed apps will not have its tiles automatically on the Start screen. Instead, you’ll find these apps under apps view as mentioned above and marked as “new” where you can choose to pin the apps you want to your Start screen.


In Windows 8.1, the Search charm will perform your search queries across the web, apps, files, SkyDrive, etc. and will will provide the best match.

Apps and Windows Store:

All our built in apps get major revamps. For example, the Photos app now has some new editing features that lets you quickly edit or adjust photos when you view them in the Photos app or open them from other places like the Mail, SkyDrive, and Camera apps. Music app has been completely redesigned to help pick and play music from your collection.


The Snap view now allows resize apps to any size you want, share the screen between two apps, or have up to three apps on each screen if you have multiple displays connected.

The improved Windows Store in Windows 8.1 is designed to show more info than in Windows 8 with detailed lists of top free apps, new releases, and picks for you on the homepage. The app listing is more descriptive and informative and includes an area for related apps to help with app discovery. Categories are listed with other app commands such as links to your apps and your account information. App updates install automatically in the background as well as they come through the Store. And search is available in the upper right hand corner for finding the apps you want.

Cloud Connectivity:

In Windows 8.1, Microsoft ties your desktop files with its Cloud solution. Your desktop files can be saved directly to SkyDrive, so you can always have your files with you.image

Internet Explorer 11:

IE11 will debuts with Windows 8.2 bringing touch enabling along with faster page load times and opened tabs are sync’ed across your other Windows 8.1 devices.

Windows 8.1 will be a free update to Windows 8 users via the Windows Store. It will enter public beta in June.  [Source Microsoft]

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image Amazon just updated its Amazon Cloud Drive adding file synchronization capability with desktop. Amazon Cloud Drive is a 5GB free cloud storage storage that lets user to store their files on Amazon server farm. The service now offers a client app that runs on Windows, Mac . There’s also a client for photo only uploading on Android. The client monitors file status you drop in to a local folder  to sync with your cloud account.

The company seems to separate Amazon Cloud Drive from Amazon Cloud Player, which lets users buy or store their own music with playback capability via Web or mobile clients (iOS & Android). Users can upload music to both services but  Amazon Cloud Drive is primary to store files, while Amazon Cloud Player is to store only music. Music uploaded to Cloud Player or Cloud Drive before July 31st is available in both services. However, going forward any music you add to one service won’t be available in the other. Cloud Drive still stores your photos, videos, documents and other digital files securely. You can continue to upload music to Cloud Drive for storage and backup but you will also need to import it into Cloud Player for playback.

Additional storage can be purchased yearly:

  • Files: 5GB for free; $10 for additional 20GB; $25 for 50GB; $50 for 100GB;  $100 for 200GB; $250 for 500GB and $500 for 1TB
  • Music: Free 250 imported songs; $25 for 250,000 imported songs. Unlimited if you purchase from Amazon

Amazon provides similar features as its competing products including Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive.

Today Microsoft released a new version of its Office Suite 2013 for Windows. But the most notable feature call Office 365, which is a new way to license the suite and to extend the software to the use of cloud storage SkyDrive.

image Starting today users can optionally subscribe (yes, subscribe)  to Office 365 Home Premium for $99/year. This license allows users to download and to use the suite up to 5 different devices including Windows PC or Mac. The Mac version is still MS Office 2011, where the Windows platform has the latest 2013 version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access.

Other versions include Office 365 University, which costs $80 for a 4-year subscription, is available for college students, faculty and staff. Office 365 for businesses will be released on Feb. 27; subscription rates will range from $4 to $20 monthly.

In addition, each user can get 20GB of free cloud storage on Microsoft SkyDrive to store, share the documents on the Web.

If you like the tradition DVD version, the new Office comes in Office Home and Student 2013 ($140), Office Home and Business 2013 ($220) and Office Professional 2013 ($400). Note that the DVD version can only be installed on one or two PCs.

Microsoft redesigned the new Office 2013 with Touch and Modern UI in mind, however all the software works in both touch and mouse/keyboard.

Try it out at

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imageDocuments by Readdle is a new free iPad app that can change your productivity in a big way.

The app offers a modern file manager that manages all your files, create text, open to read, playback, zip, etc.. sync between local files and cloud services..

The app primary works with the following file types:


Since this is an iOS app, all files it manages have to be present in its app storage. You can send files to the app in many ways such email and save the attached files as its storage or download them from your cloud storage services (Google Docs, SkyDrives, Dropbox, Box, etc…). You can set up a 2-way sync folder with your Cloud services. Furthermore, the included users guide will show you how set up sync via WiFi, iTunes, etc…

If you have media files stored in cloud services, the app does not stream from there. It will download first to play back. Each file has option to send back to email, or to open with another app.

Documents by Readdle iTunes Link