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Best Standing Ice Machine of 2023

David Raum
  Jun 9, 2023 1:24 AM

Are you tired of constantly running out of ice during parties or family gatherings? A standing ice machine can be your ultimate solution. In this article, we will explore the world of standing ice machines, their benefits, and provide a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best one for your needs. Whether you want to enjoy refreshing drinks or entertain guests with chilled beverages, a standing ice machine will ensure you never run out of ice again.

Top Picks:

Best OverallEUHOMY Commercial Under Counter Ice Maker Machine

ThE EUHOMY Commercial Under Counter Ice Maker Machine offers a reliable and efficient solution for both commercial and home use. With its advanced and fast ice-making capabilities, this machine can produce an impressive 80 lbs of ice in just 24 hours, ensuring a constant supply of clear ice cubes every 15-20 minutes. The 24 lb storage container provides ample space to store the ice, meeting all your daily ice needs.

One notable feature of this ice maker is its efficient built-in drain pump, which allows for effective water draining without relying on gravity. This feature gives you flexibility in terms of installation and placement options, as the machine can be positioned at a maximum height of 35.5". The compact design and adjustable feet make it suitable for any standard height kitchen or bar counter, and it can also be used as a standalone unit.

The reversible door with a handle adds convenience and versatility to the machine. You can choose the opening direction that best suits your needs, making it adaptable to various kitchen or bar layouts. The stainless steel construction of the door ensures durability and longevity, while the cold insulation properties of the 3-layer housing material help maintain the ice cubes' quality by preventing them from melting quickly.

The smart LCD control panel is another standout feature of the EUHOMY ice maker. It not only displays the ambient temperature but also allows you to customize the ice cube size by adjusting the ice-making time. Additionally, the 24-hour timer function enables you to set the machine to start or stop running according to your convenience.

Maintenance and cleanliness are made easy with the self-cleaning function of the ice maker. With just a press of the "Timer Clean" button for 5 seconds, you can activate the self-cleaning process, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of the machine. Regular cleaning according to usage recommendations is essential for optimal performance.

Best BudgetCROWNFUL Commercial Ice Maker 100Lbs/24H

The CROWNFUL Commercial Ice Maker is a reliable and efficient solution for various commercial settings such as restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, and more. With its fast and efficient ice-making capabilities, this machine can produce 45 ice cubes per cycle in just 11-20 minutes and a total of 100 lbs of ice in 24 hours. Its low noise operation, high efficiency, and low energy consumption make it an ideal choice for commercial use.

This commercial ice maker offers multiple functions to enhance usability and convenience. You have the option to choose the thickness of the ice cubes, set timing for turn-on and shutdown, and receive reminders for ice fullness and water shortage. The automatic cleaning function simplifies maintenance, ensuring that the machine remains in optimal condition.

With the provided accessories including the water inlet pipe, drain pipe, water quick connector, and ice scoop, the operation of this ice maker becomes hassle-free. Simply connect the faucet and drain port to automatically add and drain water, allowing you to make ice with just one button press. This efficient process saves you valuable time in your busy commercial environment.

The CROWNFUL Commercial Ice Maker also offers a generous storage capacity of 33 lbs of ice. The thick insulating layer helps extend the storage time of the ice cubes, ensuring they remain frozen for longer periods. The included ice scoop facilitates easy retrieval of the ice cubes, and you can conveniently hang it on the inner wall of the machine when not in use. Please note that this ice maker is not a freezer, so it is recommended to transfer the ice cubes to your refrigerator for storage.

With its free-standing design, the CROWNFUL Commercial Ice Maker allows for flexible installation in any desired location. Whether it's in your kitchen, bar, or other commercial space, this compact machine will fit right in. Furthermore, CROWNFUL offers a 12-month warranty and lifetime support, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the CROWNFUL Commercial Ice Maker offers fast ice production, multiple functions for customization, automatic operation, ample storage capacity, and wide applications. Its reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for commercial environments. Experience the convenience of a high-quality ice maker with the assurance of CROWNFUL's warranty and support.

Best ValueCOTLIN Commercial Ice Maker Machine 400LBS/24H with 350LBS Large Storage Bin

The COTLIN Commercial Ice Maker Machine is a powerful and rapid solution for businesses that require a constant and large supply of ice. With its efficient compressor, this machine can produce an impressive 400 lbs of ice per day, generating nearly 200 crystal clear ice cubes in each cycle within 8-15 minutes. The substantial 350 lbs ice storage bin capacity ensures an abundant supply of ice, capable of serving up to 250 meals per day in a restaurant setting, eliminating the need for customers to wait during peak hours.

Built with heavy-duty brushed stainless steel, the COTLIN Commercial Ice Maker Machine is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Its premium rust-resistant features ensure optimal performance over time. The ice storage bin is composed of a food-grade PP injection liner and a six-sided cyclopentane foam layer, offering robust impact resistance and effective insulation against external heat. This insulation helps to maintain the ice's integrity for up to 7 hours, reducing melting and ensuring the availability of high-quality ice. Furthermore, the luxurious and sleek appearance of this machine makes it a perfect addition to any restaurant, home bar, or business setting.

The easy-to-use operation panel of the COTLIN Commercial Ice Maker Machine enhances user convenience. The LCD digital panel provides clear and continuous updates on the ice-making process, allowing you to monitor its status effortlessly. You have the flexibility to adjust the ice-making time and thickness of the ice cubes according to your specific requirements. Additionally, the auto-clean button simplifies maintenance by automatically cleaning all pipes and trays, ensuring the ice cubes are clean and safe for consumption.

The freestanding split design of this ice maker offers convenience and versatility for both commercial and residential use. You can install the machine in any desired location, as long as there is access to a water line and proper ventilation. The 6-inch bottom feet keep the ice maker elevated from moisture, maintaining its performance and longevity. Whether it's in restaurants, hotels, stadiums, churches, or large households, the COTLIN Commercial Ice Maker Machine is designed to meet the demands of high-volume ice production.

COTLIN stands behind the quality of their ice maker machine and offers essential accessories and excellent customer support. The package includes ice scoops, a water supply and drain hose, a water filter, and more. With a 30-day replacement guarantee for quality issues and lifetime technical service and troubleshooting support, COTLIN ensures customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

In conclusion, the COTLIN Commercial Ice Maker Machine delivers powerful and rapid ice production, durability, easy operation, and versatility for various commercial and residential settings. With its impressive capacity and efficient performance, it is a reliable solution for businesses that require a constant supply of high-quality ice. Benefit from COTLIN's commitment to customer satisfaction and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this exceptional ice maker machine.

Editor's ChoiseManitowoc UDF0140A NEO 26" Air Cooled Undercounter Dice Cube Ice Machine with 90 lb. Bin - 115V, 135 lb

The Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO Undercounter Ice Machine is a reliable and efficient solution for businesses that require a compact ice-making unit with easy access and ample ice storage. With its stainless steel cabinet, energy-efficient design, and convenient features, this ice machine is a practical choice for various commercial settings.

The UDF0140A NEO Ice Machine is built with a durable stainless steel cabinet, ensuring its longevity and resistance to corrosion. The stainless steel construction also gives it a sleek and professional appearance, making it an attractive addition to any establishment. As an Energy Star rated appliance, this ice machine is designed to minimize energy consumption, reducing operational costs while being environmentally friendly.

One notable feature of the UDF0140A NEO Ice Machine is its easy access door, providing convenient access to the ice bin. This allows for quick and effortless retrieval of ice, enhancing the efficiency of your operations. With a capacity of 90 pounds, the ice bin can accommodate a substantial amount of ice, ensuring a steady supply for your business needs.

The Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO Ice Machine operates on 115V power and consumes only 400 watts of energy. This efficient performance enables you to save on electricity costs without compromising on ice production. The air-cooled system efficiently cools the machine, ensuring optimal performance and ice production.

In conclusion, the Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO Undercounter Ice Machine is a reliable and efficient choice for businesses that require a compact ice-making unit with easy access and a generous ice storage capacity. Its stainless steel construction, energy-efficient design, and easy access door make it a practical and convenient solution for various commercial settings. Experience the reliability and functionality of the Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO Ice Machine in your business today.

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Buying Guide:

It is essential to consider the following factors when purchasing a standing ice machine to ensure you make the best choice:

Capacity and rate of production
The machine's capacity and production rate determine how much ice it can produce within a specified time period. Consider your daily ice demands and select a machine that can efficiently meet them.

Ice varieties and sizes
Different machines produce different varieties and sizes of ice. Ice crystals, bullet-shaped ice, and nugget ice are all common options. Determine the type of ice you prefer and select a machine that produces it.

Cooling apparatus
Different types of cooling mechanisms, such as air cooling and water cooling, are utilized by standing ice machines. Air-cooled machines are more prevalent and cost-effective, whereas water-cooled machines produce ice more quickly but may require additional water connections.

Usability and maintenance
Consider purchasing a stationary ice maker that is simple to operate and maintain. Consider features such as user-friendly controls, self-cleaning capabilities, and water and ice dispensing mechanisms.

Energy conservation
Choose a stationary ice machine that is energy-efficient to reduce energy costs. Consider purchasing machines with Energy Star certification or energy-saving features, such as automatic shutoff or slumber mode.

Size and area specifications
Consider the space available in your kitchen or wherever you intend to install the ice machine. Check the machine's dimensions to ensure it will fit without interfering with other appliances or walkways.


How much ice per day can a standing ice generator produce?

Depending on the model and variety, the output capacity of standing ice dispensers varies. Commercial machines can produce hundreds of pounds of ice per day, whereas residential machines produce between 10 and 50 pounds. Check the specifications of the machine you're considering purchasing.

Can a standing ice dispenser be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, there are ice machines designed for commercial use that are freestanding. These devices have increased production capacities and are designed to withstand the demands of busy businesses. If you intend to use the machine for commercial purposes, be sure to select an appropriate model.

How long does it take for a freestanding ice maker to produce ice?

The amount of time it takes for a standing ice machine to produce ice differs by model and environmental conditions. Some machines can generate ice in 10 to 15 minutes, whereas others may require 20 to 30 minutes. Refer to the manufacturer's specifications for the ice-making cycle of the specific equipment.

Can the thickness of the ice crystals be adjusted?

Adjustable ice crystal thickness is a common feature of many free-standing ice machines. This allows you to tailor the ice to your preferences or application needs. Check the machine's user manual or specifications to determine if this feature is supported.

Do standing ice appliances require installation by a professional?

Most freestanding ice machines are designed for simple installation and can be assembled without assistance from a professional. To ensure proper installation, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions, including connecting the water supply and ensuring adequate ventilation for air-cooled machinery.


A standing ice machine is a valuable addition to any home or commercial space, providing a continuous supply of ice for your cooling needs. By considering factors such as capacity, ice type options, cooling mechanism, and maintenance requirements, you can choose the best standing ice machine that meets your specific needs. Remember to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation, maintenance, and care to enjoy optimal performance and longevity from your machine.